Cabinet Members

District Governor
Chuck Blanchard, DG

1st Vice Governor
Judy Kauffman, 1st VDG

2nd Vice Governor
Tom Hilgers, 2nd VG

Immediate Past District Governor
PDG Darrell Scott

District R
Region 1 Zone 1 Chair
Dave Fitzgerald

Region 1 Zone 2 Chair
PCC Rod Bach

Region 1 Zone 3 Chair
Steve Moser

Region 2 Zone 1 Chair
PDG Holly Sparks

Region 2 Zone 2 Chair
Dale Bachman

Region 2 Zone 3 Chair
Karen Norton

Region 3 Zone 1 Chair
1st VDG Judy Kauffman

Region 3 Zone 2 Chair
Jackie Lux

Susan Gartland

Awards & Honors & Contests:
Jadie DeLille

 Canine Services/Leader Dogs:
PDG Betty Levenhagen

Conference Planning:
Chair: Tom Hilgers 2nd VDG
Co-Chair: Marva Rohla
(No email)

Constitution & ByLaws:
PDG John Hamstreet

Mary Fechtel

Diabetes Awareness:
Larry Leaton

PDG Greg Pierce

Fianace & Budget:
Brian Rangitsch

Global Leadership Team Chair:
Steve Moser

Global Membership Team Chair:
PCC Rod Bach

Hearing Preservation:
Craig Ford

International Participation:
PDG Darrell Scott

International Understanding:
PDG Darrell Scott

Internet Technology:
Glynis Beyerlin

Lions Clubs International Foundation:
PCC Mo Jaffer

Lions Centennial:
PDG Darrell Scott

Lions “Heart”:
Pat Jaffer

Opportunities for Youth Co-Chairs:
 Finish The Build Chair:
PDG Betty Levenhagen

Caroline MacKenzie

Peace Poster Contest:
PDG John Hamstreet

Scounting Chair:
Steve Moser

SMART Chair (Start Making A Reader Today):
PDG Betty Levenhagen

Oregon Lion Magazine:
PID Ed Gear

Oregon Lions Earth Angels:

PDG Holly Sparks

Policy Manual:
PDG John Hamstreet

Project Oregon Task Force:

2nd VDG Tom Hilgers

Public Relations:
PDG Darrell Scott

Sight Preservation:

Tail Twister:
Chuck Cook

USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum:
PDG George DeHart



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