Governors Message – March

I am writing this right after the District 36R Conference held on February 6. I am happy to report that the Conference was a great success. In spite of having use of only the main floor of the Wheelhouse Events Center due to a scheduling error, we were able to make the space available work extremely well. The forums and seminars were excellent and our guests, International Director “Bob” Lubin and his wife Michelle, were a wonderful addition to our District 36R and Multiple District Lions.

I want to recognize the Lions who worked on planning the Conference and making sure it came off in a very professional manner. I particularly want to thank Chairman Tom Hilgers and Co-Chair Marva Rohla. Unfortunately, Lion Marva was forced to resign from the Committee shortly before the Conference due to health issues, but her contributions are greatly appreciated. I also want to recognize the other members of the Committee: Lions Terry and Roger Wylie, District Governor-Elect Judy Kauffman, Linda Stent, Carleene Iverson, Lou Amerson and Jadie DeLille Wright. I owe every member of the Committee a special note of thanks for a job well done.

District 36R will have two Lions attend the Emerging Lions Leadership Institute (ELLI). Lions Dori Showell from Central Lions and Jadie DeLille Wright from Albany East Lions applied and were accepted to ELLI which will be held in Denver in March. I think this is pretty exciting. The Institute will have top notch presentations done by LCI’s best instructors. In addition, they will meet Lions from all over the United States. I believe it is a wonderful opportunity. I know they will “do us proud”. Needless to say, we will use Dori’s and Jadie’s skills in their clubs and in the District. Congratulations to both Dori and Jadie. Well done!