Governors Message – May

BlanchardColorBy the time you read this, the District 36-R Women’s Symposium will be over. Considering the hard work the Symposium Committee has put into this project, I am sure it has to be a success. I particularly want to recognize the Lions who served on the Committee. They have worked for months to make sure our first symposium was a success. Those Lions are: Symposium Committee Chairperson Judy Kauffman, Debbie Bach, Carol Casciato, Mary Fechtel, Judith Grosenick and Karen Norton. If you see any of these ladies, stop and thank them for the excellent work they did to make the symposium a reality.

I have been doing a lot of traveling to District Conventions during the past two months. It started with our own District 36-R Conference in Albany. I then visited the District 36-O Convention on February 20 in Gresham.  In March, I visited two District Conventions: District 36-G in The Dalles on March 4 and 5 and the District 3-6E Convention in Medford on March 18 and 19. It’s interesting and frequently educational to visit the Conventions of the other Districts. Of course, I have the opportunity to renew old acquaintances and friends I haven’t seen for a year. I also had the opportunity to see how Conventions are done in the other three Districts. Needless to say, there were many similarities between the Districts. There were also differences that I believe District 36-R should consider for future. After all, the first thing you learn as a Lion is to plagiarize shamelessly.

I visited the Lincoln City Lions Club on March 6.  I never got the chance to speak (they probably planned it that way) because they were reviewing the details involved in the Club becoming the sponsor of a local Cub Pack. There were several issues to be settled and I was impressed with the organized and business-like manner in which they handled them.

Finally, I want to recognize the Newport Lions Club which is the lead Club for the “101 on 101 Bike Tour” to be held on October 1, 2016. Planning involves five Lions Clubs on the coast: Lincoln City, Pacific Sea, Newport, Waldport and Yachats. Lion Jill Smart is chairing the committee and she is doing a great job.