Governor’s Message – November

“November Newsletter”

BlanchardColorGreetings Lions,

First and foremost the good news: We are in the process of forming a new Lions Club at Western Oregon University! As I write this, we have eleven members who have completed an application and paid dues. We have thirteen completed applications of students who intend to join. I expect that we will have a new Lions club with at least 20 members in the near future. So, welcome Western Oregon University Lions.

I want to discuss leadership training opportunities. The LCI website,,
offers many leadership training modules. These include Club Officer training with specific modules for President, Secretary and Treasurer as well as general club management. The LCI website also offers interactive modules covering basic leadership skills such as Delegation, Communication, Time Management and Organization. These training modules are well worth the time to it takes to do them. These training modules are not just for current Lion leaders. Every Lion is encouraged to take advantage of this training. These leadership skills can be applied at your job, in other volunteer organizations and in your life in general. They will make you a more effective Lion leader but they can help you in everything you do.

LCI also offers advanced Lions training through Lions University. There are two courses offered: Basic Degree and Advanced Degree. The training consists of a series of modules that you complete in order, moving up as you learn more about Lions Clubs International. I would be delighted to present the first Lions Club University diploma in District

This concludes my discussion of Lions on-line training opportunities. Next month I will continue my discussion of Lions Leadership Training Institutes, some of the best training available!